The Art Fund

Vera Wang for Wedgwood Piggy Bank

How do you save to build an art collection? That’s one of the recurrent conversations the Hubby and I have had over the last few years. We both love art and we both agreed we wanted to put money aside in order to build our own collection. We even jokingly discussed getting our own piggy bank in order to penalize bad habits: he was supposed to put €20 in whenever he said, “shiiiiiiiiit” — a terrible habit he had picked up after watching 5 seasons of HBO’s The Wire back-to-back — and I was supposed to contribute whenever he discovered any discarded cups of tea around the house, a bad habit I have instead of immediately putting them into the dishwasher. So imagine my surprise when he came home this weekend with this adorable little piggy bank! A precious silverplate baby piggy bank from the Vera Wang Wedgwood collection. I guess we have no excuse to not start saving now!


One thought on “The Art Fund

  1. You could decide on a piece of artwork in order to set a precise goal, and if you don’t save up before it’s sold you will know how badly you wanted the piece of art. If you are close to the amount you can always make an offer-it may be negotiable.

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