A beauty post and what’s in my makeup kit

Yesterday’s press visit to the Peggy Sage press day at the Hôtel George V has inspired to me to make this a beauty post type of day. First of all about the nails! Peggy Sage is an American brand that was brought to France and is sold to salons and other beauty professionals. They have a super selection of colors — I had fun choosing this sparkly sort of Burgundy color to wear home. They also have a corrector stick that is amazing! Perfect for erasing any nail polish mistakes in seconds.

Now to my make up bag! Most of these I discovered during the summer when I was choosing my makeup for our wedding. I went to lots of different beauty brands and tried out lots of different products. Here are my faves of the moment:

From L to R

1. Chanel VitaLumière Aqua Teint Parfait Effet Seconde-Peau (Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup) with SPF15 — I love this foundation because it goes on light. You don’t even feel like you’re wearing foundation! I use this whenever I have an evening event, especially if cameras are around, it photographs really well.

2. Chanel Les 4 Ombres, Ombres à Paupières Quatuor (Quadra Eye Shadow) — I’m very attracted to purple-ish hues for eyeshadows. This one is perfection.

3. By Terry, Teint Terrybly, Ultimate Beige — I use this powder all over when I’m just using a little bit of cover up and no foundation. It really absorbs any oils really well and I love By Terry products, everything smells so divine!

4. By Terry, Blush Terrybly, Beach Bomb — This blush gives a very fine and beautiful girlish blush. It looks ultra natural as well, which is why I’m a fan.

5. Chanel Le Crayon Yeux, Precision Eye Definer, Black — I don’t like to wear a lot of things on my eyes. I use to use a liquid liner from Chanel religiously, which gives a very polished look, but at the moment I prefer looking more natural, so I use this just to give my eyes the tiniest bit of oomph.

6. Chanel Éclat Lumière, Style Embellisseur de Teint (Highlighter Face Pen) — I use this to cover up every day imperfections. My skin has the tendency to go red around my nose and under my mouth, so this product gives a beautiful lightness and mixes really well.

7. By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer, Base Nude Contour Yeux & Paupières Combleur Intégral Extra-Tenseur (Lifting Brightener Eyelid & Contour Perfecting Filler) — I swear by this product. It’s only for eyes and goes on nice and cool to help with any puffiness. I always have darkness under my eyes and this covers so naturally and stays put for hours. It’s my miracle product.

8. Maybelline Great Last Waterproof Mascara — An oldie but a goodie. I honestly prefer Waterproof mascara because it rains so often in Paris and I’m scared to get raccoon eyes after a big storm.

9. Giorgio Armani Base Lissante Perfection (Fluid Master Primer) — I love this primer. Everything stays put with this. Also lasts for hours and hours and goes on very smoothly.

10. Giorgio Armani Lip Stick Rouge d’Armani — funny that the Rouge d’Armani should actually be very nude. I love this nude lip stick as it gives just a bit of sensuality to your lips and stays in place for hours as well. Goes on so smoothly as well. Beautiful hydrating feeling on the lips.

11. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine — this is the same lipstick used on Vanessa Paradis for her new Chanel ads. It’s a very natural pink which gives a very plump glimmer to your lips. I’m crazy for natural lips and this is one of my favorite lipsticks of the moment.

So there you go! What are the hidden treasures in your makeup bag? Do tell!! xox


2 thoughts on “A beauty post and what’s in my makeup kit

  1. and what is the name of the color in the Chanel Les 4 Ombres, Ombres à Paupières Quatuor (Quadra Eye Shadow)? :)

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