Château Baccarat — The Debate

© Baccarat/Y. Duronsoy

© Baccarat/Y. Duronsoy

We had a wine journalist friend to stay for one night in the country this weekend and she was quite excited, among other things, about an event for Château Baccarat, the new line of wine-specialized glassware by Baccarat, that she had attended earlier in the week. She was super impressed by the nose that the glassware gave to the wine but we had a mini-debate about the design of this collection.

She hadn’t given much thought to the aesthetics of the line, but I find it very cold and chemical looking. Almost too scientific — when I look at the decanter in particular, I immediately start thinking of beakers and heating things over bunsen burners.

I would be interested to hear what others think of this collection. In terms of the special wine properties, Baccarat say 1) the wine base prevents alcohols from rising too much on the inner surface of the glass. It also preserves subtle aromas and allows wines to retain their smoothness. 2) The closed angle allows for the full expression of aromas. 3) the vertical chimney is comfortable for the mouth and consolidates the aromas.

I missed going to their press launch during Maison & Objet in January so I can’t tell you how this collection would differ from the Riedel range, which are also made with crystal, and which we actually selected for our wedding list.

Anyone have any thoughts?

© Baccarat


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